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Use the form below make an enquiry or request an appointment. Please let me know whether you are in Sweden or elsewhere.

Because I like to keep a balance between my individual and couples work and I am at capacity for couples work, initial appointments for couples are currently unavailable. When this changes, I will note it on this page. I do not keep a waiting list.

Individuals are welcome to contact me for counselling, coaching or therapy appointments over webcam or phone or through email exchange. I am not currently available to meet with new clients in-person. Unfortunately I am not in a position to offer recommendations for other English-speaking practitioners.

If you would like advice about working in Sweden as a counsellor, psychologist or therapist it is best to make an appointment and meet with me over webcam. I do not currently have any vacancies for interns, receptionists or personal assistants.


Between 24 September – 9 October 2017 I will unavailable and not responding to emails. If you send an email between these dates I will reply to you after 9 October.


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