In the rush of city life it is important to make time to reflect on progress going forward in therapy

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Forward Therapy Sweden provides comfortable and relaxed sessions online with an English speaking therapist in your own natural environment.

About Forward Therapy

Counselling, Therapy & Professional Coaching in English

Forward Therapy Sweden provides professional counselling, coaching and narrative therapy for anyone in Stockholm or across Sweden who prefers to speak English. Check here for available times.

Have you come to Stockholm to live with your Swedish partner and you are having difficulty adjusting to the culture or climate? Perhaps you are seeking relationship counselling? Or maybe you are an expat working for a company and looking for a sounding board to help you make decisions. You might even be a Swede who would prefer therapy in English. Whether you are British, American, Australian, Canadian, Swedish or another English speaker, Forward Therapy gives you the possibility to do something positive about your current well-being, happiness or future plans. I offer individual counselling, longer term therapy and motivational coaching services. You can make an appointment to meet with me in person online through Skype webcam or via a phonecall.

I am a qualified therapist trained through the Dulwich Centre in Adelaide with a bachelors degree from the University of Queensland and a masters degree from Stockholm University. I’m of British and Australian ancestry and have my own story of coming to live in Stockholm.

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Samtalsterapi with Forward Therapy Sweden

I specialise in helping people find ways forward from the problems in their lives and move closer to their goals. I work with the latest techniques of narrative therapy and solution focussed counselling. (In Sweden this kind of counselling is known as ‘samtalsterapi’ and I am a ‘samtalsterapeut’). My Forward Therapy approach is flexible and responsive to your situation. I am concerned to maintain your privacy and offer a contract of confidentiality and non-disclosure.

Go to the Forward Therapy Contact Page to make a booking or ask a question. For further information or to make an appointment you can also call 08-559 22 636.