In the rush of city life it is important to make time to reflect on progress going forward in therapy

forward therapy stockholm

Empowering Therapy through Self-Compassion, Adjustment and Connection.

It is peaceful and kind to yourself to take a walk in nature and it can assist with adjustment.

Forward Therapy Sweden is a therapy, counselling and coaching service established to assist English speakers to improve their adjustment and connection within Swedish society. My vision is to make it easier for those who prefer to speak English to access help. The nuances of language are important. English is the first language at Forward Therapy Sweden.


People from English speaking countries often experience stress, depressed feelings and other mood difficulties after relocating to Sweden. Some go on to suffer relationship problems associated with adjustment and connection. Meeting with a counsellor can be an effective way to resolve problems and find solutions. Make an appointment for counselling in English.


We make sense of our lives through making meaning out of our actions and the events we experience. Meaning can be lost or yet to be discovered. Narrative Therapy is an approach that values your knowledge and experience. Therapeutic conversations can be used to navigate a way forward using your own values and beliefs as guideposts. Book a therapy consultation in English.


We all have intentions for our lives. Coaching in English at Forward Therapy Sweden is a collaborative process to assist you to reconnect with motivation, recover enthusiasm and develop focus and balance. Everybody benefits from extra support and an English speaking coach can assist you to be the best version of yourself.

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