In the rush of city life it is important to make time to reflect on progress going forward in therapy

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Expats in Sweden can beat isolation through connection and adjustment

Links for Expats in Sweden

Expats in Sweden, regardless of whether they are in Stockholm or Gothenburg, Malmo or elsewhere, don’t need to be alone. Here I’ve listed some useful links for English speakers and others in Sweden.

The Local: Sweden’s news in English

The Local is is Sweden’s foremost English language news portal and discussion forum. Learn about Sweden, practice your language skills and search for jobs or housing in Stockholm and other cities.

Meet other expats in Sweden

Expats in Sweden gather as friends after meeting to beat isolation and help with adjustment

Meetup Stockholm

The Stockholm Expat Meetup Group is a loose social network of expats who have come to live in Sweden. The group offers regular activities as diverse as hiking in the forest, board games, quiz nights, pub nights, French pie baking afternoons, book swaps, film nights and dinners. Meet up in Stockholm is lead mostly by English speakers including Australians, Canadians, Americans and Brits as well as Danes and Swedes. Everyone is welcome to join. You can join on the Stockholm Expat Meet Up Group website where you can also read about upcoming activities and leave messages for other members.

The Stockholm Internations Community for Expats in Sweden

Internations is an online community for expatriates. Through Internations you can get advice from other expats about how to cope living in a different culture, meet other expats and build a social network. The Stockholm Internations Community is quite active and has a social event once a month. In the Stockholm forum you can find jobs, look for or offer accommodation, buy and sell things and ask questions about visas, language classes, banking services or anything about living in Sweden that is new or unusual. Internations is a members organisation and you can request membership through the Internations website.

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