In the rush of city life it is important to make time to reflect on progress going forward in therapy

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Ash Rehn BSocWk, MA, MAASW (acc.)

  • Over 20 years counselling experience
  • Bachelor of Social Work degree (UQ 1995)
  • Master of Arts degree (UTS 2009)
  • Specialist training in psychotherapy
  • Professional experience as a mental health clinician
  • Specialist gambling counsellor
  • Experienced drug/alcohol counsellor
  • Experience within both NHS (UK) and Medicare (Australian) systems of psychological care
  • MemAASW logober of the Australian Association of Social Workers

AASW Accreditated Mental Health Social Worker



  • MeISMHO logomber of the International Society of Mental Health Online
  • ASCA logo ASCA Endorsed Health Care Professional


Counselling for English Speakers in Stockholm using:

• Narrative Therapy
• Solution Focussed Counselling
• Relaxation Strategies
• Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Services available:

• In-Person consultations
• Webcam & Phone counselling
• Counselling through Instant text message
• Email Counselling